Final Entry List For Round 4 Eastridge

By 3rd September 2018News


Here it is! The final entry list for round 4 of the Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Mash Up Series at Eastridge this Sunday (9th September)

The race is fully sold out. Sorry I cannot take any more entries.

Stage map and previews will be released at 18:00 on Thursday 6th September through our Youtube channel and Pinned TV

For those who haven’t been to the venue please take note of the map below regards access to the venue.

Following your SatNav through Snailbeach will result in a very bumpy and narrow farm track! best not to go this way as it’s not a particular vehicle friendly track.

Only come in through Minsterley or Pontesbury!

Race info is HERE

E-Bike Category Tom Chester-Master
E-Bike Category Michael Edwards
E-Bike Category Tom Fish
E-Bike Category stephen woods
E-Bike Category Mike Thickens
E-Bike Category Joe Mallinson
E-Bike Category Richard Butters
E-Bike Category Richard Dobney
Expert/Elite Men Andrew Cooper
Expert/Elite Men Craig Gould
Expert/Elite Men Damian Groves
Expert/Elite Men Ben Llewellyn
Expert/Elite Men Jason Murphy
Expert/Elite Men Matthew Verrin
Expert/Elite Men Lewis Bradley
Expert/Elite Men Emyr Davies
Expert/Elite Men Matt Simmonds
Expert/Elite Men Marc Beaumont
Grand Veteran Men Matt Bishop
Grand Veteran Men Chris Cooke
Grand Veteran Men Gareth Harris
Grand Veteran Men Steven Howe
Grand Veteran Men Mac Mackenzie
Grand Veteran Men Jonny ward
Grand Veteran Men Dave Wilson
Hardtail Category Lee Burton
Hardtail Category Tony Campana
Hardtail Category Dan Croft
Hardtail Category Peter Doughty
Hardtail Category Dan Young
Hardtail Category Matthew Holden
Hardtail Category Jack Holdsworth
Hardtail Category Luke Machin
Hardtail Category Pawel Moledowski
Hardtail Category Shaun Stowell
Hardtail Category Owen Street
Hardtail Category matthew turner
Hardtail Category Tom Dunn
Junior Men Harry Barrett
Junior Men Joe Birchall
Junior Men Dougie Bishop
Junior Men Callum Blunt
Junior Men Oscar Bromwich
Junior Men Tomás César de Sá
Junior Men Joe Childs
Junior Men Tom Cleall
Junior Men Sam Croft
Junior Men Harry Denness
Junior Men Will Farr
Junior Men Timothy Freeman
Junior Men Christian Goodwin
Junior Men George Harpin
Junior Men Owen Herbert-Jones
Junior Men David Johnston
Junior Men Alex Jones
Junior Men Joshua Lancett-Edwards
Junior Men Oliver Lewis
Junior Men christian lewis
Junior Men Jack Little
Junior Men Michael Lloyd
Junior Men Joshua Munn
Junior Men Luke Pooley
Junior Men Lewis Price
Junior Men Jayden Randell
Junior Men Harry robinson
Junior Men Tom Rogers
Junior Men Aeddan Seaward
Junior Men Rupert Shaw
Junior Men Adam Slade
Junior Men Alex Smith
Junior Men Logan Stowell
Junior Men Jack Todman
Junior Men Ewan McKenzie
Junior Men Henry Willison
Junior Men Daniel Mason-Rheinschmiedt
Junior Men Josh Cutts
Junior Men Jack Viner
Junior Men Jack Rick
Junior Men Lewis Page
Master Men Chris Wilkinson
Master Men Liam Baggaley
Master Men Jonny Cowles
Master Men Dan Bevis
Master Men Ryan Bevis
Master Men Gareth Bezant
Master Men David Carter-Brown
Master Men Jamie Charlton
Master Men Jim Cherrington
Master Men Kevin Cook
Master Men James Coxhead
Master Men Ryan Dean
Master Men Al Cameron
Master Men Matthew Edwards
Master Men Adam Gaskell
Master Men Ben Green
Master Men Luke Greenwood
Master Men Paul Hanks
Master Men Alan Hendry
Master Men Ben Jeakins
Master Men Gary Kruba
Master Men Daniel Larkins
Master Men Dave Lawson
Master Men Matthew Little
Master Men Luke Marshall
Master Men Rob Mayes
Master Men Brad Munton
Master Men Peter Nelson
Master Men James Nixon
Master Men Thomas Orr
Master Men Simon Osgerby
Master Men Samuel Owen
Master Men Stuart Pegg
Master Men Steven Pemberton
Master Men Jonathan Phillpotts
Master Men Matt Potter
Master Men Paul O’sullivan
Master Men Lewis Rossiter
Master Men David Shingler
Master Men Alan Strang
Master Men Adam Sturgess
Master Men Greg Spicer
Master Men Robert Sunley
Master Men Andy Bond
Master Men Craig Talbot
Master Men Edward Thomas
Master Men David Thomas
Master Men Jason Tillings
Master Men Ric Tristram
Master Men Robert Twitchell
Master Men Graham Upton
Master Men Samuel Vine
Master Men Tim Viner
Master Men Robert Wallace
Master Men David Ward
Master Men Paul Whitelegge
Master Men craig williams
Master Men chris williams
Master Men Michael Williams
Master Men Pete Wogan
Master Men Andrew Woodall
Master Men Greg Wylie
Master Men Tomas Kupstys
Master Men Linas Kupstys
Master Men John Bennett
Master Men Will Hughes
Master Men Dan Turner
Master Men James Davies
Master Men Rob Daniels
Master Men Craig Griffin-Jones
Master Men Paul Dudley
Master Men Martin Zietsman
Master Women Abi Croshaw
Master Women Iliana Portugues
Senior Men Lewis Arnold
Senior Men Jay Cartwright
Senior Men Christian Ball
Senior Men Chris Beck
Senior Men Adam Bedford
Senior Men Nathan Booth
Senior Men Jack Bower
Senior Men Kyle Johnson
Senior Men Joe Bremner-Foord
Senior Men Josh Brown
Senior Men Robert Butcher
Senior Men Tony Campana
Senior Men Simon Catchpowle
Senior Men James Cornes
Senior Men Kieran Crosbie
Senior Men Jack Davies
Senior Men Alex Drinkwater
Senior Men Bryn Edwards
Senior Men Alex Edwards
Senior Men Tom Elms
Senior Men David Godden
Senior Men Evan Gordon
Senior Men Dean Harnett
Senior Men Jordan Haynes
Senior Men Tom Henton
Senior Men Matthew Higgins
Senior Men Luke How
Senior Men Henrik Jensen
Senior Men Adam Jones
Senior Men George Kimber
Senior Men Robert Langley
Senior Men Johnathan Lewis
Senior Men Antony Lumia
Senior Men Moss Macriner
Senior Men Jake Mccormack
Senior Men Andrew Mcdonnell
Senior Men Ryan Meehan
Senior Men Greg Melville
Senior Men Josh Mieszczak
Senior Men Marton Noseda
Senior Men Fraser Ogden
Senior Men Stuart Owen
Senior Men Ross Hancock
Senior Men Alexandros Partaouridis
Senior Men Jack Partington
Senior Men James Pennington
Senior Men Ben Perkins
Senior Men Ben Perkins
Senior Men Craig Perks
Senior Men Josh Powell
Senior Men Ollie Radford
Senior Men Elliott Raine
Senior Men William Robins
Senior Men Max Higginson
Senior Men Joe Getliff
Senior Men Kurt Russon
Senior Men luke saunders
Senior Men Adam Sharples
Senior Men Ben Stallwood
Senior Men Matthew Topple
Senior Men Ben Townsend
Senior Men Luke Williams
Senior Men Darren Williams
Senior Men Mike Thickens
Senior Men Josh Souster
Senior Men Sam Hartill
Senior Women Ellie Jones
Senior Women Sarah Gamsjaeger
Senior Women Helen Hicks
Senior Women Rosalie Newcombe
Senior Women Anna parker
Senior Women Caja Parkes
Senior Women Corinna Brisbourne
Veteran Men Tim Andrews
Veteran Men Pete Anthoney
Veteran Men chris atkinson
Veteran Men Jonathan Barnsley
Veteran Men Tom Brundle
Veteran Men Iain Brookes
Veteran Men Bill Callister
Veteran Men Dean Canfield
Veteran Men Jamie Charlton
Veteran Men Arren clowes
Veteran Men Paul Dodsley
Veteran Men Lee Garrett
Veteran Men Jonathan Griffiths
Veteran Men Phil Grosvenor
Veteran Men Jonathan Hadley
Veteran Men Christopher Headley
Veteran Men Greig Higham
Veteran Men David Johnston
Veteran Men Sion Jones
Veteran Men Russell Jones
Veteran Men Justin Lane
Veteran Men Steven Liggins
Veteran Men Alistair Lloyd
Veteran Men Paul Mackie
Veteran Men Thomas Masters
Veteran Men Scott Moran
Veteran Men John Newman
Veteran Men Gary O reilly
Veteran Men Philip Olivier
Veteran Men Steve Pearson
Veteran Men Carl Perry
Veteran Men Sandy Plenty
Veteran Men Nick Robertson
Veteran Men Ben Rodick
Veteran Men Robert Salmon
Veteran Men Chris Seaward
Veteran Men Stuart Smith
Veteran Men Mick Steele
Veteran Men david summersgill
Veteran Men dave thomas
Veteran Men Warren Tilke
Veteran Men cristian tomlinson
Veteran Men John Walkley
Veteran Men Tim Warrender
Veteran Men jamie welsh
Veteran Men jamie king
Veteran Men Paul Whitlock
Veteran Men Mark Whitlock
Veteran Men Paul Williams
Veteran Men Mark Williams
Veteran Men Will Willison
Veteran Men Jim Buchanan
Veteran Men Dan Kay
Veteran Men Andrew Lindsay
Veteran Men Sonny Baston
Veteran Men Jaime Harper
Veteran Women Katie Drake
Veteran Women Lindsay Hanley
Veteran Women Adel Tyson-bloor