Entry List for Afan 1st April

By 29th March 2018News, News, Press Release

Online entry has now closed for this Sunday race.

We will take entries on the day (£50 cash only please


Stage previews are HERE.

Race info is HERE


Here is the  entry list for Afan this coming Sunday on the 1st April.


If you are on the list and are not meant to be please email me at gravityenduroworld@gmail.com ASAP!!

E-Bike Category Michael Edwards
E-Bike Category Sylvain Guintoli
E-Bike Category Gerry Sanders
E-Bike Category Jamie Sanders
E-Bike Category stephen woods
E-Bike Category Mike Thickens
E-Bike Category Richard Butters
E-Bike Category Joe Mallinson
Expert/Elite Men Damian Groves
Expert/Elite Men Will Soffe
Expert/Elite Men Cai Grocott
Expert/Elite Men Douglas Vieira
Expert/Elite Men Lewis Bradley
Expert/Elite Men Daniel Tay
Grand Veteran Men mark chipp
Grand Veteran Men Richard Godding
Grand Veteran Men Richard Harris
Grand Veteran Men Mac Mackenzie
Grand Veteran Men Neil Pollington
Grand Veteran Men Tim Whittal-Williams
Grand Veteran Men Ian Howe Howe
Grand Veteran Men richard king
Grand Veteran Men Robert Tucker
Grand Veteran Men Jonny Ward
Hardtail Category Paul Dodsley
Hardtail Category Matthew Holden
Hardtail Category Steven Jackson
Hardtail Category Johnathan Lewis
Hardtail Category Tyler Pollington
Hardtail Category Ben Rowell
Hardtail Category Owen Street
Hardtail Category Lewis Thomas
Hardtail Category Dan White
Hardtail Category Allister Wood
Junior Men Louis Brooks
Junior Men Joe Childs
Junior Men Jordan Colclough
Junior Men Thomas Llewelyn Crapper
Junior Men George Dey
Junior Men Morgan Edwards
Junior Men Christian Goodwin
Junior Men Callum Hard
Junior Men Owen Herbert-Jones
Junior Men Robby Johnston
Junior Men Tawe jons
Junior Men Jack Little
Junior Men Jayden Randell
Junior Men Aeddan Seaward
Junior Men Adam Slade
Junior Men Sam Trezies
Junior Men Morgan Tyrrell
Junior Men Ewan Williams
Junior Men Henry Willison
Junior Men Peter Bowen
Junior Men George Marshall
Junior Men Lewis Price
Junior Men Mihael Tomanic
Master Men Jonathan Reed
Master Men Charlie Ashman
Master Men Graham Bairstow
Master Men Dan Bevis
Master Men Gareth Bezant
Master Men Jamie Charlton
Master Men Kevin Cook
Master Men Jono Cook
Master Men Tim Corney
Master Men Ryan Dean
Master Men Dan Evans
Master Men George Fletcher
Master Men Karl Griffiths
Master Men Phil Grosvenor
Master Men Dave Hayes
Master Men Greg Howells
Master Men Lee Hunt
Master Men Dale Jones
Master Men Spencer Lane
Master Men Andy Lane
Master Men simon litherland
Master Men Matthew Little
Master Men Laith Madlom
Master Men Rob Mitchell
Master Men Brad Munton
Master Men Robert Palmer
Master Men Dave Rollins
Master Men Ryan Rowland
Master Men Jonathan Smith-Wesson
Master Men Thomas Stone
Master Men Mark Sterland
Master Men Alan Strang
Master Men Gareth Suchecki
Master Men David Thomas
Master Men Daniel Tsoulli
Master Men Daniel Turner
Master Men Paul Dudley
Master Men Robert Wallace
Master Men James Watkins
Master Men Paul Whitelegge
Master Men Chris Williams
Master Men Daniel Wilson
Master Men Simon Wilson
Master Men christian yap
Master Men Paul Alfrey
Master Men Marc Eddon
Master Men Nathan Evans
Master Men craig hartley
Master Men Gary Kruba
Master Men Christopher Lee
Master Men Steven Pemberton
Master Men Matthew Pinches
Master Men Mark Smith
Master Men Joseph Tucker
Master Men Graham Upton
Master Men David Ward
Master Men Tomas Kupstys
Master Women Kate Howser
Master Women Amy murphy
Master Women Iliana Portugues
Master Women Abi Croshaw
Master Women Amy Thomas
Senior Men Adam Bedford
Senior Men Archie Box
Senior Men ryan bramley
Senior Men Joe Bremner-Foord
Senior Men Robert Butcher
Senior Men Liam Christopher
Senior Men troy clarke
Senior Men James Cornes
Senior Men Alex Drinkwater
Senior Men Peter Edmunds
Senior Men Nathan james Enoch
Senior Men David Godden
Senior Men Ross Hancock
Senior Men Luke How
Senior Men Jonny Howe
Senior Men Henrik Jensen
Senior Men Nick Kavanagh
Senior Men George Kimber
Senior Men Elliott Raine
Senior Men Robert Langley
Senior Men Antony Lumia
Senior Men Greg Melville
Senior Men Samuel Mogey
Senior Men Samuel Marsh
Senior Men Jake Morgan
Senior Men Mason Pritchard
Senior Men Ollie Radford
Senior Men Chris Sage
Senior Men cory short
Senior Men Ben Soanes
Senior Men Perry Thomas
Senior Men Matthew Topple
Senior Men Perry Russon
Senior Men Ben Townsend
Senior Men Tom Hall
Senior Men Mitchell Walker
Senior Men Arron Welch
Senior Men Ed Williams
Senior Men Darren Williams
Senior Men Christian Ball
Senior Men Matthew Boam
Senior Men Simon Catchpowle
Senior Men Mylo Eustace
Senior Men Elliot Gibbons
Senior Men Oliver Powell
Senior Men James Sandercock
Senior Men Ben Stallwood
Senior Men Joe Taylor
Senior Men Luke Williams
Senior Men Matt Williams
Senior Men Mike Thickens
Senior Women Emma Carson
Senior Women Alicia Hockin
Senior Women Caja Parkes
Senior Women Melissa Hewitt
Veteran Men Tim Andrews
Veteran Men Jeb Beresford
Veteran Men Iain Brookes
Veteran Men Jamie Charlton
Veteran Men Arren Clowes
Veteran Men Andrew Drane
Veteran Men Gavin Flagg
Veteran Men John Gibbon
Veteran Men Simon Gibbon
Veteran Men Mark Peapell
Veteran Men Jonathan Griffiths
Veteran Men Jonathan Hadley
Veteran Men Greig Higham
Veteran Men R Loynes
Veteran Men David Johnston
Veteran Men LEE JONES
Veteran Men Geoff Jones
Veteran Men Justin Lane
Veteran Men Steven Liggins
Veteran Men Thomas Lloyd
Veteran Men Paul Mackie
Veteran Men Craig Macklin
Veteran Men Paul Maggs
Veteran Men John Newman
Veteran Men Roger Pallister
Veteran Men Peter Phillips
Veteran Men jamie Rowland
Veteran Men Chris Seaward
Veteran Men Kevin Sexton
Veteran Men Chris Blackmore
Veteran Men Andy Smith
Veteran Men mark standley
Veteran Men Bryn Taylor
Veteran Men Warren Tilke
Veteran Men Adrian Tyrrell
Veteran Men Guy Ullyatt
Veteran Men Chris Vincent
Veteran Men Gavin Ward
Veteran Men Tim Warrender
Veteran Men Richard Williams
Veteran Men Paul Williams
Veteran Men Will Willison
Veteran Men chris Atkinson
Veteran Men Richard Baker
Veteran Men Andrew Bolton
Veteran Men Nick Dimmery
Veteran Men alan frater
Veteran Men Scott Greenway
Veteran Men Ben Rodick
Veteran Men cristian tomlinson
Veteran Men Phil Wills
Veteran Men Dominic Wood
Veteran men Matthew Coxhead
Veteran Women Katie Drake
Veteran Women Lindsay Hanley
Veteran Women Adel Tyson-bloor