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Welcome to the home of the Welsh Gravity Enduro Series.






Mash Up!….

“Wouldn’t it be great to have another chance to go faster, get that corner right or hit that line you missed?
Punctures and mechanical’s are no longer an end to the race day, Ride with your friends and just have
fun… The Mash Up Format allows it all”
The “Mash Up” format has been universally accepted and wholeheartedly welcomed by riders and the
industry alike with more new and not so new riders taking a step and a step back into a stress-free racing
The 1 day format involves 5 hours of live timing over 3 stages where you can do as many runs as you
like in any order you like and then check your times in the pits!
This creates an amazing rider atmosphere and presence in the pits that other Enduro formats do not have!
We also have an E-bike category which we will push forward even more in 2019
Each Mash Up round will have 3 stages each one using existing trails albeit in a slightly modified state in some circumstances. The stages will be marked the day before the race so everything is ready to go for race day!
They will be taped and marked like all Gravity Enduro events, with professional timing, marshals and fully trained medics onsite throughout the race day.
Gravity will work for you and against you at these events, as the nature of the stages will demand some pedalling from you to get the most out of them, allowing you to enjoy the gravity assisted parts even more.
Any practice outside of the event is purely at your own risk and all normal rules of the trail and rights of way will apply.
Ride sensibly and in control.
Full face helmets and Personal Insurance are recommended but not mandatory.

WGES Mash Up Series Categories:

Under 15   (Chaperone required who must be 18+ years of age) Minimum Age 12 years
Under 18
Under 21
Grand Veteran
Under 21
Master 35+
We look forward to seeing you at the next event
Charlie Williams